Echo integrates with both our TIM Plus and TIM Enterprise packages so there is no need for a separate playback page. All you need to do is simply log into the call logger, search for the calls either through the Quick Call Search or Reports and then click on the speech bubble to listen.
Both TIM Plus and TIM Enterprise includes a call scoring feature. You can create your own questions, with answers based on Yes/No, Multiple Choice or Range. This is a standard feature and therefore included in the cost.
Yes. The interface on TIM Plus or TIM Enterprise does allow access to be restricted so that users can only listen to calls for their own team. The access restrictions on TIM Enterprise are more advanced than Plus as the directory is more advanced. e.g. A virtual group can be created using the Reporting collection groups and individual users can be restricted to just their own calls.
Yes of course. Echo supports a number of line types including PRI/ISDN30, BRI/ISDN2 and SIP. As recordings are accessed via the TIM Plus or TIM Enterprise web interface, the user is shielded from needing to worry about the line type behind the recording.
Yes you can. The Notes facility is includes as standard at no additional cost.
Yes. A full call audit is available for every call. This shows the date & time the call was listened to, the User name of the person who listened and the IP address that they were listening from.
Any call with additional legs will have a green '+' alongside the recording. Assuming you have access rights, you can click on this '+' to hear the additional legs.
The Quick Call Search allows you to do this. Simply select the pre-defined period or enter your own custom period, then type the number(s) in the dialled number field and press 'Search'.
The speech encoding/compression used is 64kbit/s A-law (G.711), 36kbit/s proprietary encoding.