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TIM Enterprise is an award-winning call logging and analytics package, designed specifically for larger organisations.

It's a true enterprise solution, allowing you to handle the more complex call routing and handling often found only on larger or more complex sites.

Regardless of how your business is structured, whether it's a large centralised site or an entire network of interconnected sites spanning the world, TIM Enterprise provides a single, centralised facility that allows you to manage your communications infrastructure more effectively.

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Multiple communications systems

TIM Enterprise logs call data from any number of communications systems without requiring separate site licenses.

No matter if your estate consists of on-premise or cloud-based PBXs, or online collaboration platforms like Microsoft Teams or Zoom, we capture it all.

We provide tariff tables for every country to cater for systems that span multiple territories.

All included

All features are included as standard with a simple, user capacity license model.

We don't restrict access or features so as standard you get: access to all reports, unlimited web users, no restriction of the number of concurrent users, unlimited displayboards, generic tariff for any country.

Easy access

Reports, graphs and admin services are all accessible using just a standard web browser. No client software is required.

Intuitive reports

The advanced reports on TIM Enterprise allow you to drill though complex data in seconds, translating it into invaluable business information.

Reports contain clear, intuitive graphs that quickly summarize call patterns. All graphs and reports are interactive, allowing users to quickly source more detail on any particular area of concern.

Report scripting

With the report scripting engine, you can modify existing call reports or write your own complete reports (from performing your own SQL queries, outputting your own XML data sets, to authoring your own PDFs).

Dynamic statistics

Thanks to its unique live call processing engine, TIM Enterprise can provide dynamic statistics at any number of points inside your organizational structure. This information is displayed on full-screen display boards which allow immediate visibility of call stats.

Display boards can be shown on any screen capable of showing a web page, such as large format screens, PCs or smartphones.

Display boards are fully customisable and are constructed using any combination of Label, Leaderboard, Summary, RSS feed and Web page panels, as well as panels to connect data from external systems.

A selection of Templates with pre-configured boards are also included.

Audio recording

Add one or more of our Echo call recording products and TIM Enterprise becomes a fully-integrated, comprehensive call recording platform with high-end features such as audio encryption, PCI-DSS compliance tools and agent call performance scoring.

These extra features are fully integrated and recordings are accessed by the same standard web browser interface. Simply click on the speech bubble alongside any call to hear the associated recording. You can also add notes to the call, score it, see/hear related calls, view a call audit and save a copy of the call.

Centralised solution

It doesn’t matter if you have one main PBX covering multiple sites, several sites with a range of different PBX’s or just a complex structure on a single site, TIM Enterprise will log all in its central database!

Unlimited hierarchy

The entire system is built upon a unique objects-based directory that places no limits on hierarchical width or depth, meaning you can faithfully recreate your company's actual structure.

With unlimited directory objects (users, extensions, channels, trunks, PBXs) you can faithfully create your directory structure, with as many PBXs as you like.

Directory synchronization

TIM Enterprise can synchronize its directory with Microsoft Azure and on-prem Active Directory, Cisco UCM, Avaya ACM and many others.

During the initial set up, you can decide to synchronize the entire directory, or just a selected portion of it, saving a lot of administration time when installing the system and keeping it running.

Now you can deploy and configure a TIM Enterprise system in minutes, even across large sites with thousands of users.

With synchronization enabled, whenever your users move around your organization, change their name, or leave, the system automatically updates itself so you don't have to do it.

Microsoft Teams synchronization

TIM Enterprise automatically synchronizes its directory with your Microsoft Azure directory every 24 hours to ensure that all of your Teams user details are kept up-to-date.

The synchronization mechanism is read-only so you can never accidentally change your Azure Directory data from TIM Enterprise.

Because the access is read-only, you can group Teams users into separate groups on the TIM Enterprise side without affecting those users' group membership in Azure, which can be useful for comparing people from different Teams groups.

Virtual groups

The system even allows for a special type of virtual container, known as a Reporting Collection, whereby disparate users or groups of users - from anywhere in your organisation - can be classified into a single container for reporting purposes.

Open source

The whole web interface is made up of open standards HTML, Javascript and images, served directly from inside standard folders, so you can customise exactly what your users see and do.

Dig a little deeper, and the behaviour of any of the internal AJAX functionality can be altered, meaning you can integrate your company intranet right inside your call logger ... or the other way round!

Customisable interface

All web content files that make up the entire user interface can be edited to integrate with other third-party systems, or just to reflect your own corporate branding.

Duplicate Extensions

The unique directory structure on TIM Enterprise means you can support duplicate extensions across your organisation.

Mobile CDR billing

TIM Enterprise users don't just have extension numbers - they have mobile numbers too. We can process carrier-provided mobile CDRs in the same way as standard PBX CDRs. Simply add the mobile phone number as another property of the user!

Embed 3rd party content

You can include special "web panels" in any display board which are simply IFRAMEs that can contain any web content you want, as well as web content served by other third-party systems.

International timezone reconciliation

You can handle multiple time-zones, logging each site at local time.

Intelligent Inter-Site Routing

Simply define the relationship between a group of trunks on one site and its counterpart at another and TIM Enterprise automatically reconciles CDRs from both, costing them using customised ratiffs or zero-costing them as 'on-net' (or internal) calls.

Multiple tariffs

TIM Enterprise can handle multiple tariffs, logging each site in its local currency, allowing you to price calls at different rates to any user or group in your organisation.

To do this, you simply drop tariff modifier objects in at a strategic points in your directory hierarchy.

Customisable scripts

The way the system interprets data from your PBX can be tweaked (or completely re-written) to use your own call metrics. e.g. Do you want a call answered by Auto-Attendant to be classified as answered or missed?

Open standards interfaces

TIM Enterprise embraces open standards and provides many interfaces for attaching third-party applications such as call recording, hotel front of house, CRM, screen popping, company diaries, door entry systems etc.

Using XML, HTTP, AJAX and other standards, your other systems can share the central directory and call database.

Windows Service

Running exclusively as a Windows web service, ensuring high availability with auto restart on failure and inherent unattended execution, your server doesn't require any user intervention - it runs automatically at startup, without even having to log on.

In addition to providing multiple-format call logging reports, TIM Enterprise shares its data through an extensive set of open standards interfaces allowing integration with, and connectivity to, third-party systems such as CRM, accounting, and front-of-house applications.