Unique structure

Central to the entire TIM Enterprise system is ARTHUR, the advanced, real-time, hierarchically-unlimited repository. In plain English, it's the central place where every system object is stored, each having an explicit, defined relationship with its peers. This way, an entire tree of related objects can be defined, with branches as wide and as deep as you like.

Directory - ARTHUR


TIM Enterprise is advanced but simple, as all you as a user have to do is go to the point in the directory where you'd like to add an object and place it there. You have numerous objects to choose from allowing you to completely customise TIM Enterprise to your own needs. e.g. You may want to allow a user access to a particular team on a particular site for reporting purposes, you may want to add an alarm for a particular group or you might want to add a display board for a group of remote workers spread across various locations.

Cost effective

The cost model used for TIM Enterprise means that you can help yourself to directory objects without having to pay a license fee every time. e.g. If you want to allow more people to interrogate the system, you simply go to the directory and add more web users. If you want to add some billing charges or alarms, you just help yourself to the appropriate objects in TIM Enterprise's directory. You do not even have to pay additional license fees every time you add a new site, you simply go to the directory and help yourself to a site object.