All reports can be output to Web, PDF, CSV, XML and Excel.
Yes all reports can be scheduled to run automatically on pre-defined dates.
Yes. To run on weekdays only, select 'Weekdays' rather than 'days' as the frequency option when running reports.
Yes, simply comma separate the addresses.
Yes, The Busy channels report will allow you to do this.

The User activity report identifies the volume of calls your users are making and taking from both inside and outside your organisation.

The report is fully drillable, enabling you to explore calling patterns as you see them, from site level, all the way down to individual user.

The Missed calls report will analyse your missed calls to see which callers have and haven't been responded to.

The time window in which a call must be responded to if it is to be considered handled - known as the "call back period" - is user-definable.

Yes you can. You can run a report on inbound calls where the dialled number (route) is filled in with the number you are looking for. This can be either the last 6 digits of the number called or the group it initially routed to, depending on the phone system.

Another place to get this information could be running a 'Frequent numbers' report on 'All inbound calls' to show which route is most commonly called.

As long as your PBX outputs this data, then yes you can. When you run your report, you need to type the route number to see how the calls were handled. Type the route number in the "Dialled number" filter field.